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Another week flies past, and this time my Friday lunchtime adventure took me over to “Mad Patties” in Mitcham. After hearing plenty of good things about this place, I was really excited to be finally getting there to find out first hand what their burgers are really like. This place has a very interesting menu, with the usual beef, pork and chicken options, plus the appropriately named, “Pretty Mad” which comes with a pumpkin and chickpea patty?! Not to mention the beetroot patty filled, “Red Alert” burger!? Whoa! Hold the beetroot!!

Being somewhat of a traditionalist, I decided to go for “The Mad Lot”, which came with beef, cheese, bacon, pineapple, lettuce, tomato, egg, onion, ketchup and sweet mayo. However, I’m not always that “traditional”, so I added a piece of fried chicken too! I was starving and was getting hungrier every passing second.

Finally it arrived. It was a big burger, and despite the fried chicken hanging out, it looked well constructed. I got into it straight away. It was very slippery and the first bite felt like it pushed half the ingredients out the back of the burger. I needed to reestablish my “Kung fu” burger grip before proceeding, otherwise it would have been a complete disaster. Once I got in a rhythm, I noticed how good this burger tasted. The beef was good and whilst on it’s own, probably wasn’t the most amazing tasting patty going around, but when coupled with the other ingredients, made for a very tasty treat. The fried chicken had a slight spicy taste to it which was nice, and the bacon and egg were good too. Sauces were tasty without been over powering, and the bun was soft and tasty too. The best part was the pineapple. The sweet flavour was spot on and one of the best I’ve had on a burger!

Chips on the side were awesome – good size, lightly salted, and with just the right amount of crispiness. Plus, the chocolate thick shake was one of the best going around. Thick, tasty and delicious!

Overall, it was a solid burger and one that I would definitely recommend trying out for yourself. Not sure I would come back and try the beetroot burger, but definitely interested in trying the “double madness” next time!

What do you think of Mad Patties?
TKO – Technical Knock Out – 7.9/10

Location: Mad Patties, 479 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham VIC 3132

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