Chur up!

Another week passes by and another burger gets destroyed! This time, I found myself at Chadstone Shopping Centre and decided to try out a joint called “Chur Burger”. This place is located within the Hoyts cinema area and from what the guy behind the counter told me, you can even have your burger delivered to you in the cinema! It must be part of the “Hoyts Lux” experience, and that’s “Gold Class” for those Village fans out there!

After a quick look at the menu, the choice was pretty simple – “the Chur Beast” with double beef, double cheese, double bacon, tomato jam, BBQ sauce and mustard mayo. I took a seat and patiently waited for my meal to arrive. As soon as it landed, I couldn’t help but notice the cascading, dripping cheese and sauce that spewed from this beast.

First bite and sauces ran everywhere. The beef was pretty tasty and the cheese was great too. Bacon needed to be cooked more as chewing through the rind became a burger tug of war of sorts as it was hard to chew through without bringing the whole piece with you. The tomato jam tasted really good, but there was WAY too much of it. It was reminiscent of the sauce you would expect with a chicken parmigiana! The burger was drowning in sauce and with the amount of cheese also being out of control, it made for a very messy affair. The sauce really took over the burger and without many other ingredients to compete with, it seriously lacked punch.

Chips on the side were ok and this time I enjoyed another cold Corona to wash it all down.

Overall, it was not a great experience. The sauce was just too much. Given the messy factor, I would hate to try and eat this in the cinema while watching a movie, so maybe a more basic burger would be a better option as the beef patty and cheese were reasonable. It might be worth a try if you’re seeing a movie but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get there.

What do you think of Chur Burger?
Light Weight – 5.2/10

Location: Chur Burger, Chadstone Shopping Centre, 1341 Dandenong Road, Malvern East VIC 3145

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