Furphy saves the day!

As they say, “every drought ends in rain” and after going a few weeks without a burger, I was pleased to be saddling up for my second new burger in as many days. This time it was at the Stamford Hotel in Rowville. Whilst pub bistro’s are not largely known for having amazing burgers, I continue to take a positive approach and hope that maybe this could be the one!

I ordered the “Outback Burger” which came with house made wagyu patty served with bacon, caramelised onion, egg, fresh tomato, gruyere cheese, lettuce and tomato relish in a damper roll. When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was how oversized the bun looked, and that the lettuce was rocket! Ugh!! My positive mindset was already being tested!! As I expected, the rocket lettuce was terrible and the bun was way too big, or was the patty too small?! Probably the latter in this case, as the meat was actually quite tasty – there just wasn’t enough of it. As usual, the bacon and egg were quite tasty. The bun was dry, tasteless and tore to pieces with every bite.

Chips on the side were “just chips”. The best part was the $6 pint of Furphy to wash it all down!

Overall, another Pub Bistro burger that was sub-par. I am starting to lose faith that there is actually a pub out there that does a good burger, and whilst the lure of the favourites like steaks and parma’s continue to call my name, I cannot risk passing up what might be the ultimate burger experience.

Which pub does the best burger?
Light Weight – 5/10

Location: Stamford Hotel, Cnr Stud & Wellington Roads, Rowville VIC 3178

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