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Another warm, sunny day on the Gold Coast and another burger adventure. This time it was back towards the Gold Coast Airport, where I had spotted a place on arrival called “Burger Me Fresh”. Nestled in amongst the shops and next to a service station, this café styled burger joint is bright and airy, with large bay windows open down one side where you can sit at a long bench and watch the world pass you by.

I went straight for the first burger on the menu – the “Gold Coast burger” with the lot, which came with beef, iceberg, tomato, balsamic caramelised onion, bacon, egg, pineapple, cheese, ‘burger me’ relish, tangy aioli sauce and “hold the beetroot” of course! This was a big burger and looked pretty good. I could barely get my mouth around it and it was super slippery, so I had to make sure I had a strong grip that squashed it down too. Despite the tight grip, I still almost lost everything out the back with my first bite. I had to reposition a few things and line it up again before going ahead, and once I got my rhythm it was fine. The beef was ok and the lettuce and tomato was very crisp and fresh. The downside was that there was too much caramelised onion, and together with the balsamic flavour, it completely took over the taste of the burger. I like onion but I don’t need my burger swimming in it, or should I say ‘drowning in it’. Plus the bun was atrocious – dry, tasteless and tore to pieces with every bite!

Chips on the side were ok and a very generous serving, which was good. The strawberry thick shake was actually really good and was probably the highlight of the meal.

Overall, a disappointing experience, so unless you find yourself at the airport looking to kill some time, I wouldn’t go out of my way to try this place out.

What do you think of caramelised onion on a burger?
Light Weight – 5.4/10

Location: Burger Me Fresh, 16 Eastern Avenue, Bilinga QLD 4225

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