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Headed down to the Burger Biannual in St Kilda recently to get my burger on. Flushed with choices, I decided to go for the first truck in the line called “Between the Buns Burger Grill”

Burger : Double Detroit Burger

Ingredients : Double beef patty, Double American Cheese, strip bacon, lettuce, tomato Motown sauce, brioche butter bun.

Patty : 8.5/10
Bun : 9/10
Sauces : 8.8/10
Ingredients : 8.4/10
X-Factor : 8.7/10

This burger was awesome and hard to fault. Great combo of flavours with the meat, bun and sauce being the highlights. Highly recommend.

What do you think of double patties on a burger?
KO – Knock Out – 8.7/10

Location: Between the Buns Burger Grill, Food Truck, Lalor Victoria 3075

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  1. I prefer the old reviews. I miss the almost story telling like description of the eating of the burger and what it was washed down with.

    1. thanks for the feedback Bronwyn, and I’m glad to hear that you used to like the old ‘story’ format. Hopefully there is still enough info for you to still get into that burger hype!!

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