Chicken before the beef

After attending the surfing at Bells Beach, I headed to the local, Bottle of Milk for lunch again. This time I went for something under the “new burger” section on their menu. Rather than go a beef burger and add chicken, I thought I would reverse the flavours and order a chicken burger, then add beef!

Burger : Southern Burger

Ingredients : Southern Fried Chicken, bacon, American cheese, grilled pineapple, lettuce, tomato, BBQ sauce and chipotle mayo

Added extra : Beef patty and extra cheese.

Patty (and chicken) : 8.6/10

Bun : 9.4/10

Sauces : 8.4/10

Ingredients : 7.8/10

X-Factor : 6.8/10

This burger tasted so good. The chicken had a nice, spicy crumbing to it and was cooked to perfection. The beef was really tasty too and as always, it was a perfect combination. The bacon, cheese, grilled pineapple and BBQ sauce were stand outs and the soft, buttermilk bun was one of the best I’ve had!

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What is your favourite type of bun?
KO – Knock Out – 8.2/10

Location: Bottle of Milk, 24 Bell Street, Torquay Victoria 3228

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