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It was a cold wintery day and I found myself in Moorabbin at lunchtime and was in desperate need for a burger. Much to my delight I was actually very close to “Cool Bean Kitchen”, which is a place that has been on my burger bucket list for what seems like a lifetime!! I rushed straight there and couldn’t wait to try this place out.

After looking at the menu and deciding not to go for “The Gorilla Burger Challenge”, the choice was simple – the “Clucky Cow”, which came with 180g of seasoned prime cut beef, southern fried chicken, crispy bacon, double cheddar, grilled onions, creamy tangy signature sauce and house made ketchup on a toasted milk bun. I just couldn’t resist having a burger with the chicken and beef combo or as someone I know calls it “cheef”. Whatever you call it, it’s one of my favourite things!

This burger looked great. It stood tall, with sauce and cheese oozing everywhere. It was a very slippery burger and I needed my kung-fu styled grip on this bad boy. The first bite and sauce exploded out of it and ran everywhere. It tasted awesome. The chicken and beef were both so tasty and combined with each other beautifully. Bacon was fresh and not over cooked. Cheese was delightful, and the tangy sauce had just the right amount of kick to it, without taking over the burger. Best of all, the bun was soft, tasty and lasted the entire trip. Whilst there was probably more sauce then I would normally prefer, the filthiness of the burger made for a great experience.

Chips on the side were good too – crunchy and lightly seasoned. I need another serve of dairy for the day, so I grabbed myself a chocolate thick shake, which was ok, but it was more like chocolate milk with a large scoop of ice cream in it!?

As soon as I left, I knew I had just experienced something special. It was a great burger, and it is definitely sitting up there as a true “contender” for best burger of all time! Make sure you get down there and find out for yourself – you won’t regret it!


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What do you think of chicken and beef together?
Contender – 9/10

Location: Cool Bean Kitchen, 1/614-616 South Road, Moorabbin VIC 3189

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