A taste of Greece

It was lunchtime and I was on a mission for another tasty burger, so I headed to a place that had been recommended by a few people I know – “Saki Souvlaki” in Cheltenham.  Despite the name indicating it’s all about the souvlaki, the extensive burger menu suggests otherwise.

With so many choices, I found it hard to decide and finally went for the “Larriseos Burger” – beef patty, fried (or grilled) chicken fillet, cos lettuce, tomato, bacon, triple cheddar, house made honey herb mayo and house made relish.  I was starving and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this burger.  Thankfully, it arrived quickly.

It looked like a tall, clean, evenly made tower of goodness and it took a bit of adjusting to get a good grip before taking my first bite.  It was so big, I barely got anything in my mouth, so I decided to pull out one half of the chicken fillet to reduce the height of the burger and provide some more give to make it easier to woof into.  Once I started to get a rhythm, the flavours all started to come together.  The beef patty tasted really good.  The bacon was fresh and cooked perfectly.  The chicken was a bit plain though and it was also a very saucy affair with loads too much mayo that took over the flavour and provided for a very soggy bun experience.

Chips on the side were delightful and despite wanting a thickshake, I opted for a water instead as I didn’t want to take in too many calories!! Lol 

Overall, the experience wasn’t bad and I am glad I made the effort to try it out.  It was good enough that I would go back and next time I will be trying the “Double Barrel Jack” burger.

Is fried chicken or a chicken schnitzel better in a burger?
Split Decision – 6.5/10

Location: Saki Souvlaki, 63 Grange Road, Cheltenham VIC 3192

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