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Woke up on a Sunday morning recently with an urge for a burger, and wanted to try something new, so I headed out to “Kustom Burgers” in Thornbury. I’d heard about this place and my internet research gave me enough to be interested in finding out what it was all about myself.

This place is themed on aussie cars, and decked out with a big truck inside the diner too. You can choose burgers such as the F250, VL Commodore or XP Falcon. Given I was still feeling patriotic from Australia Day, I decided to go for the “FJ Holden Aussie Burger”, which came with 100% grass fed all-beef patty, bacon, american cheese (huh? I thought it was an Aussie burger?!), onion, egg, tomato, lettuce, sauce and Kustom mustard. It also came with beetroot, and of course I said “hold the beetroot!”. Plus you get a choice of bun, and I didn’t go past the brioche!

The burger came out super fast, and the strange thing was that the chips were served a few minutes before that?! Anyway, this burger was….. just a burger. Nice fresh lettuce and tomato, but the meat needed some spice or something. The meat was also underdone, which would explain why it came out so quickly too. I know it’s cooked to medium, which I usually like, and I like the meat to be a bit pink, but I don’t need it mooing at me either!! The egg was waaaaay too runny as well (even for me) and made for some slippery eating. It also overpowered the taste of the burger or was it that the rest didn’t have enough flavour?

Overall, to use a car analogy, it will get you from A to B, but its not a luxurious ride, ie AM radio only and no air con!!

Where do you think you can get the best Aussie burger?
Split Decision – 6.4/10

Location: Kustom Burgers, 861 High Street, Thornbury VIC 3071

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