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On Easter Sunday and after being at Bells Beach watching the surfing, it was lunchtime, I was starving and in need for a burger. I headed straight to “Bottle of Milk” situated in the main street of Torquay to satisfy my craving. I had been there before and remembered it being quite good, so felt as though my chances of getting a good burger were higher than average. Despite how busy it was, I got a parking spot right out the front. Was this a sign of more good things to come?

Inside it was busy, so had to sit out the back in the elements, but with the open fire going it made for a good environment. Last time I felt like something different and went for the “Original NYC”, but this time I was in the mood for an old fashioned, traditional burger with the lot, so opted for “The B.O.M” – prime beef, tasty cheese, BLT, egg, onion, mayo, homemade tomato relish, and of course I said “hold the beetroot!”.

Finally the burger arrived, and to be honest, it wasn’t love at first sight. I think it was the bun?! It was a white, sourdough bun with seeds and over sized. The burger and ingredients seemed to get lost in there or something. I pushed on and picked it up with optimism. The first bite was ok, and so was the second and third, but that was it. It was ok. Just ok. The meat was tasty and other ingredients were fresh and tasty too, but there was no “X-factor” and I definitely hadn’t got past the bun!! Ugh!!

Chips on the side was very good, and given it was Easter, and I’d been at Bells Beach, I opted for the craft beer on tap – the “Bells Pro Session Ale” from the local Blackman’s Brewery. It was a pale ale that was decidedly fruity, and a good novelty.

This burger definitely hit the spot on the day, but given the $20 price tag, it should have been better. Plus the chips were $12!! Yeah that’s right – $12 for chips! As much as the kids burger!! Having said that, it is worthwhile finding out for yourself, and when you put it together with Bells Beach at Easter, it’s still sure to be memorable anyway!!

What is your favourite “holiday” burger?
Split Decision – 6.7/10

Location: The Bottle of Milk, 24 Bell Street, Torquay VIC 3228

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