Power up the Hayne Train!

Another weekend, and another need for some burger delightfulness!! This time, I finally got to go to Burgerlove in Fitzroy Street, St Kilda. I have previously enjoyed “The Boss” and “The Paralyzer” at Café 51, so was keen to have another one of their marvellous creations. Burgerlove is well located, with a fair few tables and chairs for you to eat in and enjoy too!

This time, I ordered “The Hayne Burger” which came with 2 beef patties, crispy southern fried chicken, bacon, triple American cheddar, ketchup and American mustard. I was also determined to add a little something extra too, and wanted to add a “Mac Bomb” which is a cheese stuffed, Mac n cheese patty, battered and deep fried! Now, who wouldn’t want that in their burger?? However, when I ordered, I was told “sorry man, no Mac bombs tonight!”. Ummmmm what the….?? No Mac bombs?? What’s that about?? I was less than impressed, and I had to improvise….. so I said, “Throw in a power cake instead then.” A “power cake” is a triple battered, triple fried potato cake!

As I waited, I checked out the surrounding décor and enjoyed seeing all the various creations fly out of the kitchen, and get delivered to the other tables. Finally it was my turn. It looked good, but on closer inspection, there was no power cake?! I called the waitress over, who said “yeah, they forgot it. It’s coming now.” I was confused. If you knew that why wouldn’t you tell me?! I handed the burger back and said, “I’d like it in the burger please”. I waited another minute, and it came back. With the power cake in a tray next to the burger?!  Ummmmm that’s not right?! I asked again for it to be inserted into the burger, and finally it came back right! I know it may have been mixed up because it was probably busy, but it’s suppose to be busy isn’t it?!

Anyway, turns out that it was totally worth the stuffing around because this burger tasted great. Their burgers have one of the best beef and fried chicken combinations going around! The power cake turned out to be a smart decision too – it was so good and complimented the other ingredients perfectly! You could taste it enough without it being too heavy or overpowering. Bacon was good, and there was just the right amount of sauce too. Best of all, the bun was spot on – soft, tasty and it held up for the entire journey!

Chips on the side were average (and cold), and the chocolate milkshake was nothing special, just plain chocolate milk. I prefer a thick shake instead. However, this visit was all about the burger for me, and I was not disappointed! If you haven’t already worked it out, this place does great burgers and you can try out so many different options, so get in there and step up to the adventurous burger plate and take a swing, you will not regret it! My next visit might be to try out their “MILF” burger or if I’m feeling game, maybe “the Hulk”?!

What do you think of Burgerlove?
KO – Knock Out – 8.3/10

Location: Burgerlove, 11a / 60 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda VIC 3182

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