The hot one!

Caught up with a mate of mine (aka Gerhard Burger) for lunch recently, and it was no question that it’d be for a burger – it was just a matter of where. Being in Docklands, the options were limited, so we decided to make our way to “Mr Grazier Café” in the NAB Building at 700 Bourke Street. I have been to this place before and found the burger to be ok (click here for review), so figured it was worth another shot. I know it’s not very often I mention other people in my reviews, ok I never have, but this time it’s warranted as it will help set the scene and tell the story.

Anyway, we perused the menu, ordered and found a seat. I went for the basic and straight forward “Mr G” burger – wagyu patty, mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, tomato, cheese, lettuce and pickles. When I sat down I realised I didn’t add bacon – rookie mistake!! Ugh!! The burgers arrived and looked good. I got stuck into it and after a few bites I said, “wow! This has some kick in it!”. It wasn’t until that comment was responded with “mine has no spice to it at all!”, that we realised the burgers had actually been mixed up. I got the burger that my eating partner in crime ordered – “Magic Mike (the hot one)”, which was exactly the same as the “Mr G” burger, except swap the mayo for chilli seasoning and jalapeño mayo!! Whoa! For someone that does not have a palate attuned to spicy food, this was definitely full of flavour! It also explained the sweat I was breaking into as well – lol

Otherwise, the meat was pretty good, and other ingredients were fresh and tasty too. The pickles were really strong (again) and unfortunately, the bun was very, very average. Despite not being a big burger, the bun ripped to pieces and fell apart.

Chips weren’t great either and were more like the salad you get on the side of a pub meal, where you just pick at it and mostly just move it around and look for the best parts. And luckily I ordered a water, as I needed something to extinguish the fire burning in my mouth!!

I did enjoy this hot experience, but not sure it would be something I’d order more often. Overall, the burger was ok, but just not enough for me to rave about.

What do you think of jalapeños on a burger?
Split Decision – 6.7/10

Location: Mr Grazier Cafe, 700 Bourke Street, Docklands VIC 3008

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