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From the moment I left the exclusive launch function at Brooklyn Depot in Melbourne recently, I wanted to get back there for another one of their tasty burger treats. Lucky for me, it was only 2 weeks later that I found myself close by at lunchtime, so without hesitation, I headed straight there to satisfy my hunger. My previous Brooklyn Depot dining experience was in Surfers Paradise, where I found the experience to be a “contender” for the best burger of all, so naturally I was very excited.

Last time I was torn about whether or not to throw some of their fried chicken into the burger, and regretted that I didn’t, so this time I was keen to cross that bridge, so to speak. I was also in the mood for something different too and given I was also feeling particularly adventurous, I ended up ordering the burger of the month – the “El Toro”, a Spanish tapas burger with 5 hour slow cooked beef cheek, Patatas Bravas Hash, Padron Pepper Salsa, Oozy Cheese croquettes, Red Wine Reduction Sauce and Smoked Paprika Garlic Aioli. Plus I threw in some fried chicken, because I simply had to try it out!! This was definitely not a burger I would normally order, so I had mixed feelings about my decision.

It arrived, and it was a very big burger that looked amazing. After waiting for it to cool down, I picked it up and got into it. Due to the loose and sloppy nature of the ingredients, it was a very messy burger, especially early on as bits and pieces were falling out everywhere!! It took me a few bites to get into the rhythm and then I got hit with the taste explosion that this burger provided. The beef was soft and full of flavour. The cubes of potato hash, mixed with the cheesiness of the croquettes and the salsa were awesome! In fact, the salsa was delightful and had just the right amount of “kick” too. Adding the chicken was a winning move as it was really tasty and provided the burger with some solidness to the structure. The bun was great and held up for the entire journey too. Best of all, the combination of different flavours worked really well together.

Chips on the side were decidedly tasty, and yet again the shake proved to be a show stopper!! Last time it was the “Yo’ Mama” strawberry shake with Kit Kat shards, that made me weak at the knees. This time I went the “My Man” shake, which came with Hershey’s chocolate sauce, ice cream, milk, and crushed Oreos – SOOOOOO tasty and nothing short of life changing!

Overall, it was another amazing experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. As Molly would say, “do yourself a favour” and get into Brooklyn Depot as soon as possible!!

Where is the best thick shake?
KO – Knock Out – 8/10

Location: Brooklyn Depot, Shop 4, 399 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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