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MILF burger

Found myself at Burgerlove again recently, which is definitely one of my favourite places. I was there just before lunch, and it’s never too early for a burger so I thought I would indulge myself with another one of their tasty treats! I have tried so many of their burgers already, including the Boss, the Hayne Burger and even the Paralyzer. There was still one that I have always been desperate to try, and despite not being on the standard menu anymore, they offered to make it for me and of course I jumped at the chance. Finally it was going to happen. I was going to try the MILF!

This burger takes the experience to the next level. The MILF is a “Juicy Lucy” burger – two beef patties moulded together and stuffed with American cheddar cheese, bacon, double American cheddar, ketchup and yellow mustard. Then, the entire burger, including the bun is battered and deep fried! That’s right, the whole burger is battered and deep fried!

I was so excited as I waited for this burger, and couldn’t wait to taste it. It looked amazing. It was just a large, deep fried burger ball. I didn’t know how hot it would be so I waited a few minutes before picking it up, and once I did and took the first bite, I was hooked. This tasted amazing. As I bit into it, I expected it to be boiling hot, but it was actually a really good temperature. The meat was cooked perfectly and the cheese became like a sauce that mixed well with the ketchup and bacon. The batter around the outside created a perfect deep fried pocket that held all the cheesy, saucy goodness inside. Surprisingly, it held together well and was not messy to eat at all.

No chips with this meal, as it was all about the burger and I went with a simple water to wash it all down.

This was a truly unique and amazing experience. Yet again, Burgerlove had me excited about trying another burger and it did not disappoint either. I have always said the Paralyzer has been the most talked about burger experience that I have ever had, and I think the MILF will be it’s rival!

If you want to lift your burger game, get to Burgerlove as soon as you can!


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What’s the craziest burger you have ever had?
Contender – 9.2/10

Location: Burgerlove, 11a / 60 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda VIC 3182

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